Vinyle Ester Mortar

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Vinyl Ester Mortar is used in the construction of floors, sumps, trenches, tanks, vessels and bleach towers in chemical processing, food and beverage plants, dairies, laboratories, textile, steel and pulp & paper mills.

Vinyl Ester Mortar has excellent resistance to oxidizing bleach solutions, mineral and organic acids, alkaline solutions and some organic solvents. When used with chemical resistant masonry units and the proper membrane MIPRO-VE will protect concrete and steel sub base from chemical attacks and physical abuse.


Resistant to strong oxidizing agents, acids, alkalis and bleaches and solvents. Low absorption and shrinkage. High bond, tensile and compressive strengths. Rapidly develops physical properties initial set time is one hour at room temperature.

Resistant to temperature

130° C (Max.)

Preparation of Mortar

Vinyl Ester Mortar is silica filled vinyl ester mortar is in two component - powder & liquid - which must be mixed together in the proper proportions (1:5.5 PBW) prior to use

Prepare small batches of Mortar. Stirrer the Solution thoroughly before use. Place the Solution in a suitable mixing pan and add powder in it. Mix thoroughly with a spatula or Trowel. The mixing operation shall be continued until a uniform mixture is obtained.

Make sure that all the Mortar is used from the mixing pan before another batch is prepared.

Surface Preparation

The cement plastered surface shall be slightly rough in line & level , dry & clean, free from dust, dirt, grease, oil etc., maintaining required slope etc. as no slope can be adjusted or altered in Acid proof lining works.

Mechanical/Physical property (As per IS-4832 Part-II)
  • Working time at 30°C: 20 minute (min)
  • Bond strength: 10 Kg.Cm2
  • Compressive Strength: 500 Kg/Cm2
  • Flexural Strength: 315 Kg/Cm2
  • Water Absorption: 0.2%


Storage Life
  • Vinyl ester Liquid: 1 Month 35°C.

All two components are stored in cool and dry place under the roof until ready to use it original unopened (Sealed) containers.

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